Working Safe in the Community

Many Capital Health employees work in isolated areas, in their private vehicles and in client’s private residences. Providing health services in the community presents unique challenges for the caregivers with respect to personal safety. 

These settings are unique in that:

  • Employees in clients’ homes are isolated from co-workers; working in unfamiliar surroundings, working in the presence of unfamiliar family members or neighbours, working where there is no immediate support for emergency situations, working where there may be contact with pets and other wildlife; working where there is an increased risk of encountering individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and/or individuals who are confused, disoriented, incompetent or abusive and working where the physical conditions may be unsafe or unsanitary.
  • Employees must travel outside of daylight hours and in all types of weather conditions.
  • Employees work in offices that are located in business malls or community centres that are easily accessed by the public.
  • Employees are often required to work alone in isolated offices after regular business hours.