Requesting Ethics Support

Please note: The following information is for staff and stakeholders.  Information for the public is available HERE

Ethics NSHA provides support to patients, families, health care providers, staff and volunteers when they need assistance with the making of difficult choices or when there is a disagreement about what is most important. One way that Ethics NSHA provides support is through the arranging of ethics consultations of the four types listed in the table below.

NSHA Ethics Framework

An Approach to Working Through Ethical Questions

How do I get help? Filling out the request form below is the first step to get you the ethics support that you need.

How do I prepare for the consultation? Someone from Ethics NSHA (see below for information regarding who to contact in your zone) is available to help you complete the request form and she/he will prepare you for any consultation-related meetings or discussions.

What questions should I ask? The request form will prompt you to answer questions to make sure you get the right kind of assistance.

What happens after I request a consultation? What happens next depends on your circumstances and the type of consultation that you request. Someone from Ethics NSHA will be in touch to determine the best way to help you.

Types of consultation/support requests addressed by Ethics NSHA (please choose only one):

1.       Clinical Ethics Consultation

  • Request for assistance in answering an ethics-related question(s) or addressing a healthcare ethics matter(s)/issue(s) that relates directly to the treatment of a specific patient

2.       Ethics Education

  • Request for assistance in the preparation and/or delivery of an educational session/module where the topic/subject-area has a healthcare ethics element(s)

3.       Policy Development and Review

  • Request for assistance in the development or review of a health policy that has a healthcare ethics element(s)

4.       Organizational Ethics Consultation

  • Request for assistance in answering an ethics-related question(s) or addressing an ethics-related organizational matter(s)/issue(s) that pertains to NSHA or one of its zones/programs  

Please submit the completed request form to the administrative support person in your zone via their confidential administrative email address. If you require assistance, please contact us by phone or email.

Central Zone

Kim Ambrose

902 473 1564

Eastern Zone

Danielle Murphy

902 867 4500 (4723)

Northern Zone

Patti McKenzie

902 893 6314

Western Zone

Doris Sawrie

902 365 1711

Authority-wide requests re. health policy and organizational ethics

Kim Ambrose

902 473 1564

Please note: Depending on the request type and circumstances, Ethics NSHA (members of the Ethics Leads Group, the Zone Ethics Committees and the Local Ethics Teams) may provide ethics-related recommendations to the Requestor(s). However, Ethics NSHA does not make healthcare and organizational decisions