Tips for Patients Visiting Blood Collection

As part of our promise to provide a safe environment for our patients, visitors and staff, Capital Health has a Scent Free Policy CH 08-090. Please refrain from wearing perfume, scented hairspray, cologne, scented deodorant, aftershave or any other scented products when you come to our facilities. If you are found scented when you arrive at Blood Collection Services, you will have the option of trying to remove the scent or returning on another day when you are scent free. Friends or family members who accompany you may also be asked to leave the area if they are wearing any scent. 

Children must remain in the waiting areas, under the care of an adult, while your blood is being collected unless you are visiting a Blood Collection facility that offers a secure child safety area:

This policy is in place for the protection of children, parents and staff. Please ensure you have made arrangements for childcare prior to arriving for blood collection. Our staff are not permitted to care for your child. If your child is secured in a seat or stroller, they must be out of reach of the collector and any potential hazards while still visible to the parent.

When you come to Blood Collection Services you must have a requisition for testing signed by your clinician/practitioner and your valid health card for identification.

Many of our patients require fasting blood work and arrive early in the morning. If you are not required to fast, you may prefer to come later in the day. We recommend that you wear loose clothing that will allow your sleeve to be rolled up past the elbow.

If you see some patients arriving after you do and they are being taken before you; it may be because they are returning for a "timed test" which requires them to have their blood collected at a specific time.

All fasting tests require eight hours with no food or drink "except water". In most cases you can take your medications, but check with your  clinician/practitioner to be sure.

Some special tests require booking in advance by your clinician/practitioner’s office. These tests include: Glucose Tolerance tests, Lactose Tolerance tests.

  • Glucose Tolerance testing is not offered at Bayers Road, Woodlawn, and St. Margaret's Bay Blood Collection.
  • If you are having AC and PC glucose your blood will be drawn as fasting (AC sample), then you will be instructed to go and eat breakfast and return to have your blood collected at the two-hour mark (PC sample)

If you are dropping off samples and do not require blood work, please bring the samples to a specimen receiving location. Refer to Specimen Receiving Locations

If your test requires a specific collection time please make sure you arrive before that time to allow for the registration process and the associated wait time. You may call ahead to ask about the best time to arrive.

If you have specific questions about your tests, it is best to ask the clinician/practitioner who requested them.