Blood Collection - Outpatient Location & Hours

Bayers Road - QEII Outpatient Services

7071 Bayers Road, Suite 141, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 454-1661
Fax: (902) 454-1662

Note: Easy access from main parking lot; between Lawtons and Fabricville (includes wheelchair and elevator access).

Lower level access can be found on Desmond Avenue at Desmond One Entrance.

Monday to Friday, 7am - 3pm

  • Glucose Tolerance testing is not available at this location
  • Patients must be 12 years and older
  • This is not a laboratory specimen drop off location

Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre

Halifax Infirmary Site - QEII Outpatient Services

1796 Summer Street, 4th floor, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 473-2452
Fax: (902) 473-2541
Monday to Friday, 7am - 3pm

  • Walk-in service for clinic patients or those who have difficulty accessing the Bayers Road Blood Collection facility
  • Patients must be 12 years and older
  • This is not a laboratory specimen drop off location 

Victoria General Site - QEII Outpatient Services Clinic Patients

Room 2-031, 2nd Floor, Victoria Building, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 473-6625
Fax: (902) 473-7911
Monday to Friday, 7am - 4pm

Note: Collection site for. . .

  • Cancer Care patients
  • Transplant patients
  • patients with same day hospital appointments or service such as X-ray, ultra-sound, mammogram

Others will be redirected to an alternate facility such as Bayers Road or Halifax Infirmary.

Dartmouth General Hospital

325 Pleasant Street Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Monday to Friday 
Hours: 7am - 3pm
Tel: (902) 465-8305
Fax: (902) 465-8569

Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital

Musquodoboit Harbour
Monday to Friday
Hours: 7am - 11am
Tel: (902) 889-4115
Fax: (902) 889-2470

Oral glucose and gestational tolerance testing available by appointment only.

Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital

Sheet Harbour
Monday to Friday
Hours: 7:30am - 10:30am
Tel: (902) 885-3607
Fax: (902) 885-3210

Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital

492 Archibald Brook Road Middle Musquodoboit
Monday to Friday
Hours: 7am - 11am
Tel: (902) 384-2220
Fax: 902) 383-3310

Cobequid Community Health Centre

40 Freer Lane Lower Sackville
Monday to Friday
Hours: 7am - 2pm
Tel: (902) 869-6101
Fax: (902) 869-6814

Hants Community Hospital

9 Payzant Drive Windsor, Nova Scotia
Monday to Friday
Hours: 7am - 11am
Tel: (902) 792-2037
Fax: (902) 798-4435

Alternative Locations for Public Convenience

St. Margaret's Bay Blood Collection Service

5110 St. Margaret's Bay Road, Suite 204
Walk-In Service-Fee: $15 payable by credit, debit and personal cheque.

  • Monday: 8am - 10am
  • Wednesday: 5pm - 7pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 10am

Tel: (902) 826-3377
Fax: (902) 826-3383