Blood Collection Services

Capital Health provides a walk-in service for blood and urine collections at various sites throughout the district. Throughout Capital Health we service approximately 150,000 patients/year in Blood Collection Services. Patients use a numbering system and wait their turn to be registered. They are then called in sequence to have their specimens collected by our highly skilled phlebotomy staff.

All of our phlebotomy staff are trained and certified using a detailed in-house certification program and must undergo regular re-certification. We are dedicated to providing ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are implementing the latest techniques and guidelines for specimen integrity and to protect the safety of our staff and patients.

We provide introductory training to various other professionals within the healthcare field i.e. students enrolled in the Nuclear Medicine and Nursing streams of the Bachelor of Health Science programs at Dalhousie University.

For information regarding independent phlebotomy agreements, please contact Melanie Hayden, Technical Specialist for independent phlebotomy.

Blood collection sites throughout Capital Health:

All Capital Health facilities are scent-free. Please do not wear any scented products when using our services.