Grief Counselling Services

Grief and Bereavement services offer Grief counseling to individuals and families who are having difficulty coping with their loss. Our Grief counselors will invite you into a safe and confidential environment in which to talk openly about your loss.

Grief is a normal part of life, but it is very difficult to experience. Many people feel like they're "losing it" or "are going crazy." Others have no energy for work and their usual enjoyments. Some lose sleep, feel empty or have racing thoughts and anxiety. Grief takes on many forms and most of them can cause discomfort and distress. Although most people find their way through the challenge of grief with the aid of friends and families, Grief counseling can be another helpful tool to put minds and hearts at ease.

Grief counseling is typically brief.  Most people experience considerable relief after just a few sessions. People who have more complex grief may need a few more counseling sessions. Sessions usually last an hour. Counselling sessions take place at the Bereavement Services office at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. In certain circumstance, home visits can be arranged by the Bereavement Coordinator.