Self Care During Grief & Bereavement


Grief is emotionally exhausting. You may need extra rest - afternoon naps - and relaxing activities.


Some people eat more when they are upset, some people eat less. Just make sure you are eating enough. Grief is hard work.

Self Care

Balance time alone or with others. Surround yourself with things that help you feel peaceful. Spend time doing things that feel good, or are comforting - hot baths, listening to music.


Allow yourself to be close to those you trust even if you feel awkward.


Do things at your own pace.


Give yourself permission to let grief come and go. You take in the pain and meaning of death a little at a time.


Talk to your family doctor if you are concerned about how you are feeling.


Find comfort with those who have experienced loss. Remember that people recover from the loss of a loved one. One day your grief will be less raw and painful.


Do what feels comfortable and connects you to the people and things you love. Try to exercise, take walks, visit family or friends, or get involved in a cause that means something to you.


If life has lost its meaning give yourself something to look forward to. This may help you to reengage more fully with your life.

Personal Finances

Make sure that you are paying your bills. If you are unable to do this, ask for help.


Enjoy small pleasures. The more we experience pleasure and comfort, the more we are able to regain our pleasure in life itself

Facing the death of a loved one takes time. Give yourself the time that you need. 

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