Bereavement Support Groups

There is nothing as healing as sitting with a group of people who really understand you. Bereavement Support Groups offer a friendly, informal environment in which to listen or share. Come join a group of people who are experiencing their own loss-- drink a coffee, have some snacks and feel supported.  

Bereavement Support groups are not psychotherapy. They are groups of bereaved people coming together to support and care for each other. Facilitated by Grief and Loss experts and peers, these groups provide a safe and encouraging space to heal and help.

Each week the Support Group will provide opportunities for you to:

  • Check-in and let folks know how you are doing
  • Participate and support others
  • Feel safe enough to experience your emotions
  • Ask questions and receive your peers' suggestions
  • Receive education about grief and loss
  • Reflect on your bereavement experience so that you may find strength and hope for the future

Bereavement Support Groups run in the fall and the winter. Groups last two hours and run for 10 consecutive weeks. Coffee and snacks are provided. Participants are encouraged to commit to the full 10 week experience.