Cancer Screening Programs

Colon Cancer Prevention Resources 
The fecal immunochemical stool test (FIT), introduced in Nova Scotia in 2009, has been very effective. As of September 2017, the Colon Cancer Prevention Program has identified about 500 individuals with cancer and over 4,000 have had precancerous polyps detected and removed as a result of participation in the program. 

Colon Cancer Prevention Program Standards
Standards have been developed that apply to all physicians and institutions performing colonoscopy in support of Nova Scotia’s Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)-based Colon Cancer Prevention Program. For more information, please see the Nova Scotia Colonoscopy Recommendations.
Cervical Cancer Prevention Resources
Health Care Providers can obtain a copy of their patients' Pap history, by calling 1-888-480-8588 or (902) 473-7438.  A minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Nurses looking to obtain an N number for submitting Pap smears may also contact the Screening Program at these numbers.
The following resources are available and can be downloaded for printing.
Cervical Guidelines Fact Sheet (Coming Soon)