Maintenance of Competency in the Administration of Cancer Systemic Therapy

Registered Nurses certified in the administration of cancer systemic therapy (RNCC’s), are responsible for maintaining competency in the care for patients receiving systemic therapy.
The RNCC will corroborate continuing competence annually by:
•Performing a self-assessment using the Administration of Cancer Systemic Therapy Competencies Checklist. Based on this assessment the RNCC will identify learning needs and develop a plan to meet these needs with the support of the manager, educator and/or Oncology Practice Consultant. The manager may request this learning plan for review during performance appraisal. 
•Attend at least 10 hours of continuing education sessions specific to the care of patients receiving systemic therapy. I.e.: in-services, rounds, conferences, committees, etc. This record may be reviewed by the manager during performance appraisal. 
•Review the Policy and Procedure for Administration of Cancer Systemic Therapy. 
•Successfully complete the Maintenance of Competency Checklist with a preceptor. The completed checklist will then be given to the manager and kept in the RNCC’s file. 
•The RNCC that administers chemotherapy periodically (where administration of systemic therapy is not the primary focus) will be required to maintain a record of the number of cancer chemotherapy’s administered. This document should be reviewed annually by the manager/educator/oncology practice consultant in combination with the other components of maintaining competency, and the RNCC assessed on an individual basis.
To further support the maintenance of competency the RNCC may choose to review portions of the Online Administration of Cancer Systemic Therapy Program.
View and submit the Maintenance of Competency registration form to sign up for the program. Once your form has been processed, you will receive a username and password with instructions how to access the online learning modules.