Oncology Practice Consultant

The Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program’s Oncology Practice Consultants (OPCs) are experienced Registered Nurses with advanced oncology education. They work to ensure safe, quality care, treatment and improved outcomes for people with cancer by providing education, preceptorship and practice support to health professionals who care for them. 
OPCs work in health zones to implement provincial policies and procedures, including patient education standards. They also provide expert support to chemotherapy nurses at satellite clinics and other hospitals where chemotherapy is delivered, enabling safe, quality cancer care throughout Nova Scotia. 
Working collaboratively with the oncology Clinical Nurse Educators, located in the cancer centres in Sydney and Halifax, OPCs provide “just in time” phone, virtual and onsite professional practice consultation and assistance. This may include educating health professionals on new drug treatments and responding to questions about administration of chemotherapy such as safe handling practices or administering a drug outside of the levels of care designate, among other issues. 
OPCs also provide planned education sessions on such topics as new drug information and delivery methods, recognizing, assessing and managing various chemotherapy side effects and toxicities, responding to oncology emergencies, and safe handling of chemotherapy. 
In addition OPCs participate on numerous systemic therapy committees and assist in the developing new curriculum and updating existing curriculum as to address evolving and advancing oncology therapies and education needs.
Health professionals who have questions can contact:  
Kara Jamieson RN, MN, MEd, CON(C) kara.jamieson@nshealth.ca or by phone at (902) 473-1796.