Oral Systemic Therapy [pharmacy]

Resources for Community Pharmacists 

Community pharmacists dispensing prescriptions for oral agents to treat cancer may use the set of tools designed to aid in their practice.  
To help pharmacy staff, see the ‘Pharmacy Toolkit’ section of our website to download a toolkit especially designed for dispensing pharmacists. This is a quick reference guide to the dispensing procedures specific to each drug, as well as a guide to patient call-backs and adverse effects to anticipate. 
For the pharmacist, there are Practice Guides to guide each patient visit or follow-up call, and to simplify documentation of each encounter:
    o Initial Assessment and Patient Counseling Visit - For use when the first prescription is filled
    o First Follow-Up Call/Visit - For 3 to 5 days after the first prescription is filled 
    o Continuing Follow-Up Calls/Visits- Short Version - For use when subsequent prescriptions are filled, or for follow up calls between prescription fills 
    o Continuing Follow-Up Calls/Visits- Long Version - For use every 3 to 6 months in lieu of the Short Version- open-ended probing questions on adherence and adverse effects
For patient education, select the ‘Patient Handout’, on the BC Cancer Agency's Drug Manual.

Other resources to help with patient education include: 
If you identify an adverse effect in your patient on the drug you have dispensed, see the ‘ADR Management’ for another guide offering practical advice on what you can do to help the patient, including supportive care products to consider. 
There are other Practice Guides to assist pharmacy staff with safe handling, adherence management and dose re-calculation: 
We welcome your feedback on this set of tools. Suggestions for improvement are happily accepted: Please send your message to cancercareinfo@nshealth.ca