Profile - Lori Sanderson

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 3:25pm

Lori Sanderson began working in emergency medicine seven years ago, drawn to the challenge. She continues to enjoy the work. “There is a strong sense of team within the program and a genuine interest in collaboration to find the best outcomes for patients.”
Before working in emergency, Lori worked in Medicine. “While the programs are vastly different I think the experience in understanding the inpatient perspective and also being able to challenge that perspective is useful,” she says.
As a leader, Lori says, “The thing I get the most enjoyment from is working with individuals who are keen to make change to improve and who like to challenge the status quo!”
When she’s not working, Lori can be found running, spending time at the cottage and enjoying the outdoors, identifying herself as “more of a country mouse!”