Inpatient Treatment - Mental Health Program

While the Clinic does not currently offer inpatient treatment, patients are sometimes referred by the Clinic treatment team for inpatient care at a mental health inpatient unit in the patient’s home community.

Inpatient treatment is usually intended for patients whose body weight and physical state are at a level that prevents appropriate treatment outside hospital; those whose bulimic behaviours are not improving with intensive outpatient treatment; or patients who are suffering from severe depression that interferes with their ability to function in the Clinic programs.

Inpatient care will be absolutely essential for some patients (Specifically for patients who weight is below a BMI of 18) before they can be considered stable enough for the Clinic outpatient program.

While inpatient care is separate from the Eating Disorder Clinic, patients may be referred back to the Clinic for outpatient group treatment once they have benefited from hospitalization.