Why exceptional service matters: Michelle Delaney, Housekeeping Services

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 12:53pm

Michelle Delaney has always prided herself on providing the best possible service.

Having spent many years in the customer service industry before her current job in housekeeping at Capital Health, Delaney learned the importance of greeting people with a smile, introducing herself and offering help when needed. After taking the START with Heart® upfront customer service training session, Delaney says it’s especially important to practice these behaviours in a hospital setting. For many patients, clients and families it’s the small things that count.

“I work in the Veterans Memorial Building and it’s their home. It’s hard on residents and their families when they first arrive. Simple acts like offering help, showing compassion and empathy can go a long way.”

Delaney says providing exceptional service to patients and clients is crucial but it’s important to extend those acts beyond the bedside and into the workplace with co-workers.

“I love to help out when and wherever I can. Exceptional service means going above and beyond your duties to not only help patients but helping your co-workers whenever you’re able to. Everyone can use a little support sometimes.”

For Delaney, the START with Heart® training session was a reminder that all staff, regardless of their position, are here to help those in need. For her, providing safe and effective health care starts with listening, and assisting while building relationships.

“Not only does this program reiterate everything I stand for, but it brings the importance of service to the forefront of health care. I’m glad I took it.”