Update for employees in Bethune Building

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 4:20pm

Open windows on the weekend

Deodorizer will be used on the east side of the Bethune Building from today (Friday, Nov. 30) at 6 p.m. until Sunday, Dec. 2 at noon. Sunday afternoon, windows in unaffected areas will be opened one inch to help dissipate any lingering odour. For security reasons, windows on the first floor will not be opened. Windows will be closed at midnight to allow time for the building to warm up by Monday. Employees may want to prepare for cooler-than-normal temperatures on Monday just in case.

East stairwell - Is it an emergency?

Many people continue to use stairwells on the east side of the building in spite of knowing that this can compromise the drying process, and can release dry air into upper floors. Please trust that we are asking this not to inconvenience you, but to ensure that the building dries properly, and that employees are safe and comfortable. These stairwells should ONLY be used in case of emergency. If it’s not an emergency, please use another stairwell or the elevator.

Air quality testing

Air quality testing continues and shows no health risk. You can find air quality test results on the Employee Health website.


If you are experiencing illness you believe to be associated with odours and air quality, please tell your manager and call (902) 473-SAFE (7233). You should also see an Employee Health nurse (902) 473-5157.


If you have questions, please email capitalnews@cdha.nshealth.ca and we will find the most appropriate person to respond.