Shedding Light on Savings at Capital Health

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 4:43pm

by Andrew Blanchette

Capital Health's ongoing partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia was featured in the Chronicle Herald, Saturday, March 30.

With the price of utilities on the rise, Capital Health is taking action.

In co-operation with Efficiency Nova Scotia and the Department of Health and Wellness, Capital Health launched an innovative energy savings program in November aimed at identifying opportunities to save on electricity, natural gas and water.

When it comes to shining the light on savings, David Bligh is at the helm of turning hospitals into efficient energy savers. Bligh, who works for Efficiency Nova Scotia, is embedded here in our facilities. He spends all day, every day searching for new ways to save. Now, with support from Efficiency Nova Scotia, an upgrade of the parkade lights at the Halifax Infirmary and Veterans Memorial Building in Halifax is underway.

“We have identified numerous opportunities to save money since the program launch,” said Bligh. “The new LED lights in the parking garage are noticeably different to patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.”

The lights give off a clean, fresh glow and offer a contrast to the previous orange hue that is typical of many garages. The immediate aesthetic effect is obvious and the projects will save over $10,000 every year in electricity costs.

“People see them when they come in, and the nice beam of white light is a lot more pleasant than the old feel,” explains Bligh. “When people come to the hospital, there is a lot of importance placed upon little details to make a person’s experience as pleasant as possible. Nice and efficient lighting upon arrival is something that can go a long way.”

In addition to lighting upgrades, projects like improving ventilation and heating and cooling distribution systems are all part of the measures that Capital Health is taking to ensure responsible spending is a forefront issue.

“This is just a small step,” states Bligh. “But it is an important one in ensuring that Capital Health is an efficient organization taking the steps necessary to remain a world-leader in all facets of health care.”