Ron Russell: More than a job

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 4:32pm

Ron Russell’s got a sizeable fan club, many of them seniors. His stature is well earned through his many roles as bus driver, chief light bulb-changer, general fix-it guy and card-playing partner.

For almost 10 years, Ron has been supporting clients of Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital’s Adult Day Clinic, along with other hospital programs. Four days a week, Ron drives a bus to pick up local residents and bring them to the hospital’s day program for seniors. But his role doesn’t stop there. If clients tell Ron they’ve got a burned out light bulb at home, he’ll go in and change it. When one client got locked out of her house, Ron climbed in a window to open the door. For the seniors that Ron serves, these acts are a vital and much appreciated service.

Ron also contributes to the programming at the Adult Day Clinic by participating and helping to facilitate activities with clients. Several times a year, he and Adult Day Clinic staff and volunteers take clients on special outings, including trips to Taylor’s Head Provincial Park, garden parties and productions at the local school.

Ron took the job as bus driver and jack-of-all-trades after his second crack at retirement. In September, he hangs up the keys to the bus and will give retirement a third try. Adult Day Clinic clients like 72-year-old Marilyn will miss him terribly. “Ron is so good,” she says.

As he looks back upon his time at Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital, Ron is filled with gratitude. “It is my blessing, a gift of love and something I will forever treasure as I remember these wonderful people – family – with whom I have shared laughter, tears and tender loving times.”

Thank you, Ron, for the outstanding service you have provided to patients and clients!