Retired teacher, principal and school board administrator, research ethics volunteer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 9:54am

A former educator in charge of French Immersion programs for the Halifax Regional School Board, Greta Murtagh enjoys the education she’s receiving as a community member of the Capital Health Research Ethics Board (REB). After reviewing many research protocols and attending dozens of REB meetings and two ethics conferences over the past four years, she has gained a tremendous knowledge of health and science and the ethics of research involving humans.

“Working with the REB is an extremely interesting way to stay involved and keep my mind engaged,” says Greta, who is also a member of l’UniversitĂ© Sainte-Anne’s board of governors. Her main motivation for joining the REB, however, was to help the people who might some  day benefit from the research. “For some people, taking part in a clinical trial might be their last hope. Research is the only way we can make advances in treatment.”

As a layperson, Greta feels she offers a valuable perspective on such issues as protecting the privacy of research participants and ensuring the readability of the consent form - particularly for people whose first language is not English. “I feel I represent the point of view of the person on the street,” she says. “It’s a big commitment but I plan to keep going with this important work!”

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