Pharmacy has new telephone menu system for HI and VG sites of the QEII

Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 4:23pm

On June 22. 2015, the Pharmacy Department at the Nova Scotia Health Authority implemented a new telephone menu service at the Halifax Infirmary and the Victoria General Hospital sites of the QEII.  This change will ensure that pharmacy continues to provide the best possible service for all internal and ambulatory clients.

To provide the most timely and efficient service, the new telephone menu service will supply callers with clear options to select the most appropriate staff member to address their need.  If that individual is addressing an urgent issue and is unable to answer the phone, to respect the caller’s valuable time, there will be  an opportunity to record a voicemail. 

The new number to access pharmacy’s menu service is 473-5200. Callers should listen carefully to the new menu options.To ensure continuity in service, direct calls to specific pharmacy lines no longer in use will be re-routed to the new telephone menu  service. Pharmacy will be monitoring the success of this change and welcomes feedback and suggestions from their clients across the Nova Scotia Health Authority. 

Feedback may be submitted to Caroline Paton our Pharmacy Department Administrative Assistant at the Halifax Infirmary who will forward to the most appropriate manager. phone: 902-473-6579 and fax: 902-473-3904.