Our commitment to patient- and family-centred care

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 4:53pm

Last week, we shared a poem that Susan Dunn, citizen engagement advisor and community health board co-ordinator for Capital Health, wrote about her experience in a very different role – that of a family member to a patient.  We also shared the commitments that some Capital Health leaders have made to improve patient- and family-centred care, and we asked you to respond. Debra Bourque was inspired to make her own commitment:

"My commitment is to book more family group conferences, something that is difficult and time-consuming for front-line or direct care clinicians but has been demonstrated in research to be extremely valuable for all concerned especially the patient or identified client. We are learning both by listening and through examination of successful outcomes that patients are not islands, existing in isolation, but part of a complex network composed of family and others that can directly impact recovery, safety and quality of life."