Leadership Safety Rounds contribute to open discussions about patient safety

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 2:00pm

Harold Taylor, health services manager for Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital and Duncan MacMillan Nursing Home, assumed that staff felt comfortable bringing forward concerns about patient safety. During Leadership Safety Rounds, Harold was surprised to learn that some staff members were afraid to speak up.

Leadership Safety Rounds, launched at Capital Health in March 2010, provide a forum for front-line staff to share safety concerns with leaders, including at least one member of the Leadership Enabling Team (LET). Following this feedback, formal accountability is assigned to address concerns and report progress.

When Leadership Safety Rounds came to Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital and Duncan MacMillan Nursing Home, “Staff felt respected that leadership took the time out to come and listen,” says Harold.

Bonnie Parks, a licensed practical nurse at Duncan MacMillan, has never been shy about sharing safety concerns, but thinks leadership safety rounds provide an important forum for raising concerns and finding solutions. “It’s good for people to be able to get together and talk about what’s wrong and come up with solutions. We’ve been working on addressing concerns that came up that day, and we’ve been making progress.”

Barbara Hall, vice-president of Person-Centred Health, believes leadership safety rounds create an environment that is conducive to openly discussing patient safety. “It has confirmed my belief that staff want to do the best job they can and in a safe way for patients. The dialogue in the rounds is honest and open and takes place in a learning environment. Having all the interested parties in the same room often leads to creativity about how to deal with certain safety issues.”