Flu Campaign Employee Participation Results are in!

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 7:24am

Last Fall, we offered prizes and glory to employees and employee teams who bared the most arms for health. We’re happy to report, the incentives paid off. Congratulations to all of you for making this year’s campaign a success. Now, on to the glory!

Capital Health’s total immunization rate for all employees increased by 11 per cent this year to 46 per cent. A grand total of 5,939 people (staff, volunteers, students, and contract workers) received the Influenza Vaccine.

And the winners are …

The cost centers with the highest rated of immunized employees per category win a coffee break and are as follows:

Category 1: Departments with 10 or less employees (includes both health care and non-health care)

There were 320 cost centres all tied with 100 per cent immunization. The number of employees per cost centre was between one and six. Therefore, the cost centre with the largest number of employees was selected as the winner. This department is Supply Chain.

Category 2: Departments considered health care workers

  • Departments with 11 to 50 employees
    • Nurse Educators - 91 per cent immunized
  • Departments with 51 to 100 employees
    • 11A OR General Surgery Team at the VG Site - 66 per cent immunized
  • Departments with more than 101 employees
    • HI Emergency DL - 48 per cent

Category 3: Departments who do not provide health care directly to clients

  • Departments with 11 to 50 employees
    • Microbiology Bacteriology - 79 per cent immunized
  • Departments with 51 to 100 employees
    • CMC Medical Records - 54 per cent immunized
  • Departments with more than 101 employees
    • HI Housekeeping - 45 per cent immunized

Flu Champions

Fifteen people stepped up to be Flu Champions and together they immunized 558 employees. Thank you! The Champion who provided the most immunizations was Sue Lowthers from Hants with 193 people immunized. Sue will receive a $60 cheque as an award. Nice work!

Thanks and special mention to the Flu Champions from the HI Emergency Room - Kristy Lloy, Debra MacDonald and Nancy Connors. They immunized a total of 236 staff between them as Occupational Health did not provide immunizations to this area. Management and these Flu Champions took on the challenge.

Congratulations to Patty Henley from Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital, lucky winner of the $40 Flu Champion prize draw.

Hot Shot Prize for sites with highest percentage of immunized employees:

  • Hospital Site: Hants Community Hospital at 64 per cent 
  • Community Site: Joseph Howe Drive at 56 per cent

The Immunization Rates for Health Care Providers classified as staff RN’s, staff LPN’s, Residents and Staff Physicians are as follows:

  • Staff RN’s 37 per cent
  • Staff LPN’s 30 per cent 
  • Residents 33 per cent
  • Physicians 46 per cent 

Congratulations to the Staff Physician group with the highest immunization rate for the Direct Care Providers!

The big winner of 1,000 Air Miles compliments of Johnson Inc. is Diana Murphy from Lab Services.

Thanks to everyone who supported this year’s campaign and thank you for protecting yourself and others from influenza. We still have some room for improvement in some of our employee groups. Let’s aim for more arms next year!

Pam Currie, RN BScN, Manager Occupational Health
Wellness and Safety Services