Employees rename Hospitality Services to ... ?

Monday, October 1, 2012 - 4:52pm

Ever feel like your job title doesn’t reflect what you do?

That’s how director Jane Pryor felt after the recent restructuring in her area. She felt the name Hospitality Services no longer represented the services for which she was responsible, so she asked her team to rename the portfolio.

“We had a meet-and-greet with everyone who fell under Jane’s portfolio,” said John Mason, maintenance supervisor at the Halifax Infirmary building. “By the end of the meeting Jane challenged us to come up with a new name.”

Jane was following vice president, Amanda Whitewood’s advice to “give up something you are comfortable with and take on something that makes you uncomfortable.” So Jane took on parts of Capital Health she had little experience in - such as maintenance - as a growth opportunity and decided it would be out of her comfort zone to let her team decide the newly formed departmental name.

Her team offered six possible names for the new portfolio and two thirds of the former “Hospitality Services” employees voted to change their name to “Operations Support” - which was John’s suggestion.
When asked how he came up with the name, John said it could have something to do with the 22 years he spent in the Navy where he had been a hull technician and a marine systems engineering officer. “The Navy is also very diverse and we would always say that what we were doing was supporting the operations. One day, I made the connection that what we did here [in our area] at Capital Health was also operations support. 

“The areas in our department are all so different but Operations Support reflects our end goal, to support the daily running of Capital Health,” said John.

Jane couldn’t agree more.