Celebrating our People June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 3:11pm

Congratulations to the Regional Tissue Bank team, who recently received word that the Regional Tissue Bank has been approved for accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Thank you to the many employees who contributed to this result!

Congratulations to Lisa Lewis and Natalie Sabean, clinical nurse leaders for the 7th and 8th floors at the Nova Scotia Rehabiliation Centre, who received their certification in the specialty of Rehabilitation Nursing.

Welcome to Robin Parker, clinical research librarian for the Research Methods Unit, the Nova Scotia Cochrane Resource Centre and Capital Health Library Services. Robin is a 2010 graduate of the Masters of Library and Information Services program at Dalhousie and has extensive experience in health libraries. One of Robin's library roles will be to complete literature searches, so look for Robin's name on the reply to your literature search request.

Mary Pyche, acting program leader for Emergency Mental Health at Capital Health, has been chosen to speak at the International Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) conference being held in Virginia Beach, Virginia in September. Mary will be joined by one of the Halifax Regional Police Officers dedicated to the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team. The constable presenting with Mary also co-delivers CIT education to police officers in HRM. Their topic is the four-level training matrix Mary developed to enhance mental health training for law enforcement and how it fits with a crisis team co-response model.

On June 7, Learning and Organizational Development and Bruce English, director of People Services, hosted a celebration to thank and honour those who have generously shared their learning and expertise to help develop capabilities and capacity among Capital Health leaders.

The Management Development Program Series continues to build capacity of leaders; this program has welcomed 378 participants in the past 12 months. This would not be possible without the 17 people who facilitate programs.

M4M (Mentoring for Managers) matches experienced managers with managers who are new to their role. This program creates relationships that develop the competencies and confidence of both the mentor and mentee. 

The contributions our people have made as facilitators/mentors in these programs are key to building organizational capacity for development and change and are an example of the 'Each One, Teach One' philosophy.

Thanks to the following mentors and facilitators: 

  • Aimee Young
  • Angela Keenan
  • Basia Solarz
  • Carl Quinlan
  • Carolin Read
  • Cathy Ann Casault
  • Cynthia Hamilton
  • Cynthia Stockman
  • Darren Patterson
  • Dave Collins
  • Doug Low
  • James MacLean
  • Jane Allen
  • Jane Bate-Bourgeois
  • Jennifer Barr
  • Karen Mumford
  • Kelli Mansfield
  • Kim Rhymes
  • Leslie Dagley
  • Pam Currie
  • Peter Graham
  • Stephen Munroe
  • Trent MacIsaac
  • Jane Allen
  • Jane Bate-Bourgeois
  • Mary Lloy