Capital Health opens new dialysis unit at QEII Halifax Infirmary

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 12:01pm

(HALIFAX, NS) - A new dialysis unit at the Halifax Infirmary site of the QEII Health Sciences Centre is good news for patients like Carol Betts.

The unit, funded by the Department of Health and Wellness, houses 12 new dialysis stations. Eight of these replace old stations in the dialysis unit at the Dickson Building of the QEII’s VG site; four are additional stations, to allow the treatment of more patients and to deal with the growing number of patients needing dialysis. To start, 48 patients per week will receive treatment in the new unit.

Betts, who uses a walker to get around outside her home, said the unit on the first floor of the Halifax Infirmary, will be more accessible to patients like her.

“I receive dialysis treatment three times a week for four hours,” said Betts. “It’ll be easier to get in to this space and it’ll be less crowded.”

Dr. Ken West, Head of Nephrology, said one of the biggest benefits of the new unit will be to patients who come to the Halifax Infirmary from across the Maritimes to have inpatient procedures such as cardiovascular or orthopedic surgery.

“Until now, inpatients at the Halifax Infirmary needing dialysis treatment had to be transported to the VG. This new unit allows for safer and more effective management of their dialysis,” he said.

The new stations will be much larger and more comfortable for patients and include televisions and wifi access to help patients pass the time, which amounts to 12 hours a week for most patients.

“Patients have always received high-quality dialysis treatment from caring staff. That won’t change. But this new unit is a state-of-the-art facility that’s bright and inviting,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine.  “I’m proud that the province has invested $3.5 million to serve more dialysis patients in this new facility.”

Paula Bond, Capital Health’s vice-president of Person-Centred Health, Acute Care, said, “Capital Health and the Department of Health and Wellness have worked closely together to create this new, improved space for patients undergoing dialysis. We are very proud to open this space, allowing us treat more patients and create a more positive experience of treatment.”

The dialysis unit at the VG will remain open with 34 treatment stations.