Amanda Sparks: A smile, every time

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 12:04pm

Amanda Sparks will greet you with a smile every time, whether you show up at her office or call her on the phone.

Providing administrative support to the Psychology Department and others, Amanda knows that the way she does her job affects everyone around her, including patients.

“It’s my job to be friendly and supportive,” she says. “When patients call, I represent the hospital. If they have a concern, it’s my job to tell them what I know and to reassure them. I try to look at every patient as a family member. They feel that.”

When providing support to department staff, Amanda takes pride in doing whatever has to be done. She knows that what she offers helps staff do their jobs more effectively, and ultimately translates into better patient care. “It all comes back to the patients,” she says.

Susan Hare, Amanda’s manager, says staff in the department consistently acknowledge Amanda’s positive approach to service. “She is incredibly client-centred and works well with all staff.”

Sometimes, providing this level of service means slowing down in an otherwise fast-paced environment. “The person in front of you deserves that,” says Amanda.

Why does Amanda take such pride in delivering exceptional service, every time?

“It’s my job,” she says. “Besides, it gives me joy to help people.”