Community Health Boards

Central Zone of the Nova Scotia Health Authority has seven Community Health Boards. Each Board has 10 - 15 volunteers who serve a minimum of a three-year term. These volunteers represent the people and neighbourhoods of their health board area. Each Board has dedicated staff persons to assist them. The Nova Scotia Health Authority also provides a variety of opportunities for Board members to develop knowledge and skills related to a variety of health issues and Board activities. Community Health Boards represent an important link between citizens and the health care system. Legislated by, Bill 1, Health Authorities Act, the Boards are mandated to carry out key functions to ensure our health system is responsive to community health needs. Every three years the Community Health Boards are expected to develop a community health plan for their zone. They do this by consulting with people and organizations about their views on how to improve the health of individuals and how to create social and physical environments that promote health. The Boards also consider information about their population's health status and demographic profile. This information, along with community views, is used to develop recommendations for the community health plan. The Nova Scotia Health Authority is mandated to consider these plans in their health-services business plan. Another important role of the Community Health Boards is to work in partnership with a broad range of community groups and organizations to support them in their efforts to build a healthier community. Community Health Board members recognize that many factors influence the health of individuals and their communities, e.g. income, education, healthy child development, culture, social support, personal health practices, coping skills, social status, employment, physical environments, inherited factors, and the availability of health services. For more information contact your local Community Health Board:

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