Wellness Funds (formerly Community Development Fund)

Deadline:  November 1st

What are Wellness Funds?
Wellness Funds enable community organizations to carry out a wide range of programs and education events, purchase much needed equipment and supplies and undertake projects to make their community healthier.

How Do We Determine Who Will Receive Funding?
The projects reflect the priority issues identified in the Community Health Plan.  Each individual Community Health Board (CHB) is allotted a certain amount of Wellness Funds and a sub-committee of the CHB, using specific measurements as their guide, recommends which community groups receive funding.  

Who is Eligible?
This support is for local community groups and organizations and is not generally available for provincial or district wide activities or organizations and is NOT available for provision of direct health services.  The idea is to support local groups that have recognized an issue and have created a solution to this issue and could use a bit of financial help to get it off the ground.

How Much Can We Receive?
Funding ranges from $200 to upwards of $3000 per project.

How Often Can I Apply?
There is one call per year for the submission of applications for the Wellness Fund.  The deadline for applying is November 1st at midnight each year.  This process is open to all non-profit, community-based groups and organizations.  Previous recipients must have submitted a final report, including receipts before they are considered for new funding.

How Do I Apply?
Contact your area Community Health Board Coordinator.  They will answer any questions, and provide you with the application.  You can find the link to your CHB Website here: http://www.cdha.nshealth.ca/involving-patients-citizens/community-health-boards

What if Our Application is Successful?
Successful applicants will be contacted in a timely manner with a further update on receiving funds and the process for signing a contract, submitting a final report, etc.