About the Falls Clinic

The Geriatric Day Hospital (GDH) is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary assessment and rehabilitative outpatient treatment program for seniors who need at least two of the following services: geriatric medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social work. A Falls Clinic is a component of the GDH.

Services Provided by the Day Hospital

  • Medical assessment and care
  • Nursing care and supervisions
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social work services
  • Medication monitoring and counselling
  • Psychological testing and counselling
  • Diet therapy and counseling
  • Speech therapy
  • Family conferences/consultation
  • Home visits by various team members

Admission Criteria - Referred patients must

  • Be 65 years or older. Consideration of those 50-65 years will be on an individual basis
  • Have multiple physical/psychosocial problems requiring the services of at least two GDH disciplines
  • Be willing to participate in the program
  • Have access to appropriate transportation to ensure consistent participation in their individualized program

Admission Criteria - Exclusion Criteria

  • Those in whom psychiatric illness would be the primary reason for referral
  • Those with acute illness requiring inpatient admission
  • Those with behaviors disruptive to a group setting
  • Those requiring constant supervision


Program participation averages two days (morning or afternoon) per week for approximately two months between Monday and Thursday.

Storm Days

When the city schools are closed due to bad weather, the Day Hospital is also closed. If you are unsure whether the Day Hospital is open, you can call 902-473-2493.

There is no cost for attending this program as it is covered under MSI.