Ethics Support

Ethics Support works with employees, physicians, learners and volunteers to put ethical values into practice. Capital Health Ethics Support is designated as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada.

Ethics Support achieves its mandate through the following four components:

Ethics Education

We can help you learn more about important ethics topics and help you develop an ‘ethics skills-set’ that you can put into practice in your workplace. We offer eight different education modules that are delivered through facilitated workshops. In addition, we host ‘Ethics Lunch & Learn’ sessions for larger audiences.

Clinical Ethics Consultation

We can help you sort through ethics questions and issues that arise in providing direct care to patients and their families. Sometimes these challenging circumstances involve conflicts in values that arise between patients and their families, between patients and their health care providers and among members of the health care team.

Policy Development and Review

We can help you establish new policies with significant ethics elements. The co-ordinator and other members of the Policy Development and Review standing group may participate in working groups that are tasked to write new health policies for Capital Health. We can also perform ethics reviews of drafts that have been developed by policy authors within the organization.

Organizational Ethics

We can help you address issues that arise at multiple organizational levels. Sometimes referred to as ‘institutional ethics’, this type of consultation can bring an ethical perspective to the decisions you make while pursuing important organizational goals. Ethics engagement in such circumstances may uncover competing organizational obligations that need to be carefully balanced by decision makers.

Ethics Support's Organizational Structure