Update for employees in Bethune Building

Friday, December 14, 2012 - 3:29pm

Please note the following information related to remediation efforts in the Bethune Building:

Deodorizer and open windows in unaffected areas on the weekend

Deodorizer will be used on the east side of the Bethune Building from today (Friday, Dec. 14) at 6 p.m. until Sunday, Dec. 16 at noon. Sunday afternoon, windows in unaffected areas will be opened one inch to help dissipate any lingering odour. For security reasons, windows on the first floor will not be opened.

Windows will be closed at midnight to allow time for the building to warm up by Monday.

Please keep windows closed in affected areas

It’s important that windows in affected areas remain closed throughout the drying process. If you are going into an office in this area for any reason, please do not open the window.

Drying process and reconstruction

We expect the drying process to be complete by Wednesday, Dec. 19. We will know more about the timeline for reconstruction once drying is complete, and will advise you as soon as we know.

Thanks for your patience throughout this process.

***REMINDER**** Please do not use the east stairwell unless it is an emergency


If you have questions, please email capitalnews@cdha.nshealth.ca and we will find an appropriate person to respond.