Seeing and saving energy at Dartmouth General Hospital and Nova Scotia Hospital

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 11:02am

Sometimes you’ve just got to see something to believe it.

Staff, patients and families at Dartmouth General Hospital and The Nova Scotia Hospital will soon be able to see the monthly energy (water, electricity and natural gas) use for each facility. Monitors showing this information will be located at the Hugh Bell, Mount Hope, Marshall Treatment Centre and Simpson Landing buildings of The Nova Scotia Hospital, and at Dartmouth General Hospital. They will also depict a star rating that corresponds to the energy efficiency in the building that day.

In addition, monitors will feature a number of energy-saving tips to help staff conserve energy in their workplace (and at home).

Beyond what’s visible on the public monitors, Capital Health Engineering and Facilities staff will also have access to an online portal with more detailed information, including how well our energy use is tracking against our budget. The data captured by the system will also allow us to identify opportunities for future energy savings in keeping with our strategic direction of sustainability.

Staff from SHIFT Energy Inc. will work with Capital Health staff and Efficiency Nova Scotia to identify and implement energy-saving changes. In the coming months, SHIFT Energy Inc. will also provide training opportunities that support staff to initiate change in their areas.

To learn more about this initiative, please contact Brian Cox at