Registered Nurse/Future Rap Star’s “Assessment Throw Down” Video Goes Viral

Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 1:36pm

By Brooke Stephen

Nursing education and rap music may seem like an unlikely pairing, but Claire Brown, registered nurse, has found a unique way to combine the two. As a member of the Surgical Quality Team at Dartmouth General Hospital, she was asked to come up with a way to help her co-workers improve poor audit scores relating to patient’s bedside safety. This inspired Brown to write a poem called the “Bedside Safety Checklist”—and 3 West productions was born.

For her fifth piece, Brown decided to take it up a notch and produce a video. Twenty takes, one hour and almost 2,400 YouTube views later, “The Assessment Throw Down” rap video has been a successful and fun way to get the message across.

“We probably did 20 takes because we kept laughing, but the final video was all one take except for the introduction,” Brown says.

“The Assessment Throw Down” introduction features Brown and Steven Filek, a licensed practical nurse who is fairly new to the 3 West team. Filek seeks advice from Brown on how to properly assess patients. Brown and Jenna Illsley, licensed practical nurse, then rap about the precautions one must take to assess a patient appropriately.

The video took less than two hours to shoot and was filmed late in the evening to minimize disruption to patients and the public. When asked if Brown would film another video of this kind, she says “Absolutely. I think it’s a really good way to get information out there while also raising morale.”

In May 2015, the team was at it again with 3 West's Braden Breakdown to engage staff in pressure ulcer prevention.

The Assessment Throw Down

From the head to the toe

From the high to the low

There’s a lot of stuff to see, there’s a lot of stuff to know

We start with the head, with the who and the where

To the how are you feeling, have you pain anywhere?

Are the pupils nice and equal, do they shine are they bright?

Do they follow the pattern of the evermoving light

Can he follow commands? Can he hear what you say?

Few minutes, gives you a look at how he’s feeling today

Take a listen to the lungs, breathin’ in, breathin’ out

How hard are they trying to get O2 all about

Are there crackles, are there wheezes, is there sputum coming up?

Should we send a sample in an orange topped cup?

Listen to the heart, feel the pulses times four

Regular? Rapid? Important to the core

Is there skin moist? Dry? Broken down? Cyanotic?

Assess is the name of the game, have you got it?

Look at the belly, is it growling? Is it hard?

Is the plumbing all working? When you press, do they guard?

Have they been a little queasy? Is lunch staying down?

Assess is the name of the game in this town

Can they flex their feet, check cap refill

Want to check them all out, before you hand out a pill

IV, foley, NG, surgical site

Your assessment skills, yeah they’re so tight

Throw it down on the flow

So the people will know

The baseline of the day

Of the shift, ok?

If there’s something really off

Like a gross, productive cough

Then progress note that stuff

Don’t be caught off the cuff

We’re nurses, the eyes, the ears, the heart

Can’t let the symptoms get a head start

‘Cause catching when it’s early, treating right away

Start your shift, in a way that will pay

Head to toe, five minutes max

In this area, we can’t afford to be lax

This is a duty, it’s part of the deal

And we’ll save more lives, no jokes, for real

We brought you some poems, and now this beat

3 West Productions, we work with the elite

©Claire Brown 2015