Olympic fever hits Capital Health

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 1:39pm

The Olympic spirit is alive and well on the seventh floor of the Bethune building, VG site, QEII. The meeting/lunch room has been transformed into the Canada team support room and during breaks and lunch hour it is a sea of red.

“People love the Olympics and it was easy to set up, so we thought we’d give it a try and it’s been really popular,” said Stephanie LeBlanc, manager applications and controls, Finance & eInformation Management. “It is really good for team building and morale. People bring in snacks for the big games and it has become a fun place to gather.”

LeBlanc says the staff set a strategic priority of "strengthening the team" for their porfolio this year. Earlier in the year they decorated the Veterans Memorial Building for the holidays.  

The Olympic schedule is printed off and posted every day. Staff created posters and keep special Canadian gear like sweatshirts and hockey jerseys at their desks so they can dress the part during important moments. One staff member even had her fingernails painted in patriotic red and white.

“So far the men’s hockey games have been the most popular and we had a big crowd for the women’s gold hockey game on Thursday,” said employee Craig Walsh. “Word has spread on the elevator and we are now getting people from other floors popping in to check the score for a few minutes on their way from one meeting to another.”

Featured in the photo are: (l to r) Stephanie LeBlanc, Pam Horne, Craig Walsh, Ryan Moore, Amina Russell, Darren Bishop and Marlene Crawford. Monique Ashe's red and white fingernails can be seen on the top of the sign. 

What are you doing to follow the Olympics at Capital Health? Let us know at capitalnews@cdha.nshealth.ca