Lynn Keeping seeing more smiles

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 1:31pm

Lynn Keeping says her brother’s death 14 years ago due to a car accident was the beginning of a profound personal change.  It was then she decided to make a conscious effort to be happy – and to try to make others happy too. It’s an attitude she brings to her work in Catering Services, and one she’s seeing reflected in other Capital Health colleagues more and more these days.

Lynn’s work takes her to many different departments and buildings with the QEII Health Sciences Centre. In recent months, she’s noticed more staff smiling at her and making eye contact as they pass her in the hallway. Those who used to smile at her are now saying hello. “It’s like everyone’s taken it up a level,” she says. Lynn attributes the change to Capital Health’s START with Heart® upfront customer service program.

Creating a positive environment is especially important in health care, Lynn believes. “People are looking for comfort and kindness when they come here,” she says. “I believe if you can make one person’s day happier, you do it.”

When Lynn was offered a job at Capital Health 10 years ago, she had mixed feelings about working in the hospital. Her brother had died in the emergency department and she thought the connection might be too much. What she experienced was the opposite. “To watch other people survive and carry on is amazing. There’s a lot of sadness and there’s a lot of joy. Sometimes I feel like my brother’s right there with me.”

Lynn is encouraged that Capital Health has made building a culture of service a priority. Every day, with every smile given and received and every friendly hello exchanged, she’s seeing – and feeling – the impact. She’s confident that patients, clients, families and visitors are feeling it too.