The little things

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - 11:00am

Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Joy Douglas, administrative assistant in the Pathology Lab, knows that to be true.

A patient who had been diagnosed with breast cancer called Joy recently with questions about sending pathology material to the United States for testing. The patient was confused by the language that had been used to describe the process and wasn’t sure what she needed to send and how. 

Joy took the time to explain the process and let the patient know that she needed to fill out a form, which Joy emailed to her. When the patient made plans to return the form to Joy in person, Joy offered to meet her outside of the Mackenzie Building.

 “It took two minutes of my time,” says Joy. “She would have been lost in the building trying to find me.”

Joy then made arrangements to send the sample and contacted the patient to confirm it had been sent and to provide her with a tracking number.

The next day, the patient called Joy to say the laboratory in the states had already received the sample. Joy says the patient was deeply grateful. “She said, ‘Your voice just radiates joy. You helped me so much.’”

Thanks to Joy for demonstrating that small gestures can have a big impact!