Hard work pays off in Musquodoboit Valley

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 3:40pm

The staff at the Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital (MVMH) have two new reasons to celebrate thanks to a few determined staff members.

Dr. Shilpa Sethi immigrated to Canada several years ago from India to work as a family physician. In 2010 she accepted a position at the Musquodoboit Valley Family Practice as a Clinician Assessment for Practice Program (CAPP) physician.

All  international medical graduates must pass a series of examinations and clinical assessments plus take additional training to demonstrate they meet Canadian standards for licensure. Dr. Sethi has completed all of that and is now licensed to work her full scope as a family physician.

Martina Cejpova, RN, immigrated to Canada 20 years ago from the Czech Republic. She spent her early years here raising her family. When she decided she wanted to work again, she needed to upgrade her academic English and take a program for internationally trained health professions through the Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre. 

She finished her education with much success and after writing the exam, began practising in 2010. She has been working at MVMH as a staff nurse since then. Cejpova also became a certified nurse educator in gerontology this spring.

Both Dr. Sethi and Martina Cejpova both took their citizenship exams this year and have become Canadians.

Everyone at MVMH is pleased to have these two caring individuals working with them.