Capital Health recognized for participating in Commuter Challenge

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 3:49pm

Capital Health received an honourable mention in the 2013 Commuter Challenge Friday, July 12, 2013.

The organization had 237 people registered and 188 participants.  

The Commuter Challenge took place during Environment Week, June 2-8.   

Over 123 workplaces registered for Commuter Challenge in Nova Scotia, representing a potential of 45,000 daily commuters. This year 1,129 people logged their active and sustainable commutes, getting to work and back by some other means (or mode) than driving in their car by themselves. Many opted to lace-up their walking/running shoes, tune-up bicycles, arrange for carpools, work from home and/or explore public and community transit. Together, 1,129 people logged:

  • 115,845 real or virtual commuting km, while saving over 7500L of fuel, avoiding nearly 17tons of GHG/CO2e emissions; and, rather than burning fossil fuels, we burned about 3/4 of a million calories, in just one week!
  • Halifax ranked number one nationally among cities with 250-500k population, doubling our participation from last year; we also boast the ‘equivalent’ number of participants as Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton combined! 
Workplace Awards
AwardDescriptionWorkplace Winner
2013 Halifax Commuter Cup Champions30% participation among 190 employeesCBCL Ltd.
Victory Medals - Highest per cent employee participation per workplace size category>1000 employeesNS Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal - 6.3%
250-999 EmployeesNS Department of Health & Wellness - 18.6% 
100-249 EmployeesNS Environment-Terminal Road - 27.5% 
50-99 EmployeesEfficiency NS Corporation - 37.5% 
25-49 EmployeesHeart & Stroke Foundation - 64% 
10-24 EmployeesCities & Environment Unit - 60% 
<10 EmployeesSummerhill Group - 87.5% 
Honourable MentionsMost participants of any workplaceCapital Health - 187 participants
Most creative, engaged, public campaign to encourage workplace participation, as well as active transportation and public transitNS Department of Health & Wellness - created videos, posters, daily email updates, lunch and learn sessions and more. 

Ultimately, everyone’s a winner with Commuter Challenge; the more we all continue to challenge our commutes and our daily choices about how we move, the more everyone wins in terms of cleaner air, less waste, improved public health and community transportation services.  

The Commuter Challenge working group in Nova Scotia includes HRM SmartTrip, Stepping Up Halifax, Clean Nova Scotia and each volunteer coordinator at a workplace near you. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work. We look forward to the next Commuter Challenge - this Monday morning and Environment Week 2014 to compete for the Commuter Cup once again!