BUMP goes "live" at the Dartmouth General

Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 2:59pm

The Bed Utilization Management Project (BUMP), a provincial innovation fund initiative, is now a reality at Capital Health! BUMP has two key parts – the Utilization Management System (UMS) and the Medworxx Bed Board.

On July 4, UMS successfully went “live” at the Dartmouth General Hospital on inpatient units 3 East, 3 West, 4 East and 4 West.  This means that each day, every patient on these Medical/Surgical units is assessed against a provincial criteria set to determine if the patient’s condition requires them to remain in that type of bed/unit as well as to identify reasons why patients are unable to be discharged home or transferred to other locations.

“The benefit of UMS is that it allows the team to recognize barriers to discharging patients earlier in the process,” said Heather Francis, Health Services Director at the Dartmouth General. “We now have data to support the aspects that need to change in order to improve flow,” which is the movement of patients into, and out of, the hospital.

Over a period of time, tracking from active reports will enable both Capital Health and the Department of Health and Wellness to recognize trends in barriers that delay efficient and safe discharge. This supports evidence-based decision-making and improves patient-centred care.

“It’s a new way for the staff to look at their patients stay in the hospital,” said Carla Purcell, Clinical Nurse Educator. “It gives them a way to identify potential hold-ups in getting patients to where they need to be and they appreciate the reports they can print off.”

Also speaking to the project’s first milestone was Brian Butt, Director Office of Clinical Care Coordination, “It has been quite a journey! I would like to thank everyone involved in the implementation for their continued support and congratulate the team on their first success.”

Next steps for UMS include a September time frame for end user training at the Victoria General, with a tentative go live on Medical/Surgical Units at this site for early November. Following this, the system will be rolled out at the Halifax Infirmary, Hants and Tri-Facilities. Full Capital Health implementation is expected for the end of February 2013.

The second piece of BUMP is the Medworxx Bed Board. The bed board presents status indicators for every bed and every patient. This means it includes information on clinical readiness for discharge, and provides staff with up-to-date information to drive bullet rounds (interdisciplinary meetings to discuss patient plans of care) and discharge planning.

Elements of the Bed Board will commence in November of this year with an initial roll out of a Unit Status View, which provides a visual “snap shot” of all inpatient beds across Nova Scotia.

Also in the works are three customized modules of the Bed Board which will include: External Transfers, Patient Registration Dashboard and Daily Bed Snapshot & Summary Report. We expect to put these components in next spring and updates will be provided as further details are confirmed.