2013 Quality Award Poster Fair Winners Announced

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 5:04pm

Capital Health has spoken and the winners of the 2013 Quality Week Poster Fair are as follows. (The number one winner received the most online votes, while number received the second highest number of online votes and so on.)

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Read about the Quality Summit here

Nursing and Pharmacy work together to improve Medication Delivery

  • Leah Macumber and the Hants Community Hospital General Medicine Unit 200

From Good To Great! The Journey Of Change In Ambulatory Care

  • *Also winner of the in-person Peoples' Choice Award
    Gwen MacDonald  and Wanda Giles

Supporting Families in Recovery

  • The Capital Health Addictions and Mental Health Program with Cheryl Billard, Jenna MacKinnon, Angela Naugle, Lianne Nixon, Jamie Lee Lidell, Patricia Dauphinee, Ginny Arsenault, Linda MacCormick

Re-Designing the Patient Safety Reporting Structure in the Department of Radiation Oncology: A Multidisciplinary Experience

  • Katherine Moran, Dr. H Hollenhorst, L. Bourne, Dr. D Rheaume, C.A. Davis, A. Burgess, C. Anderson, A. Crossman, Dr. J Meng, H. Faulkner, B. Kiley, K. Grant

Meeting Milestones - Eliminating shadow charts in a busy endocrinology clinic

  • Darlene Mott, Angela Luciano, Julie Fraser, Michelle Baker, Mary Eileen MacPhail, Diane MacLean, Stephanie Kaiser, Brian Crocker, Carol Snair, Colleed Adekayode, Brenda Harrington

Effect of Initial Specimen Diversion Technique on Blood Culture Contamination Rates at the QE2 Hospital

  • Dr Khalifa Binkhamis, K. Forward, Phlebotomy team, Department of Pathology, Dalhousie University, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pharmacy Medication Safety Initiatives

  • Angela Wadden

The following four posters were tied for the final spot in the online vote

Tie #1. Improving the Experience of Care for Seniors in the Emergency Department

  • Nikki Kelly, Erica Alex, Simone Feller, Kate MacWilliams, Lisa McCabe, Donna Naugler, Joelle Schoenfeld, Stacy Ackroyd, Nancy Murphy

Tie #2 Five Pilot Projects in Mental Health Recovery & Integration

  • Dorothy Edem

Tie #3 Gastric Imaging Indications and Wait Time Project\

  • Vicki Sorhaindo

Tie #4 Using Evidence to Inform Care at the Geriatric Day Hospital

  • Janet Wright, Darlene Mott, Carmen Johnstone-Chapman, Heather White, Paige Moorhouse

The People’s Choice award goes to the poster which reveived the most in-person votes at the Quality Summit.

That winner is: From Good To Great! The Journey Of Change In Ambulatory Care

  • Gwen MacDonald  and Wanda Giles