You are the heart in Capital Health

Your  job is a way of life and a calling. Your dedication to what you do inspires you to study new areas, solve problems, build new processes and help other learners - all to better serve our patients and the people who need our help.

KUDOS! to all you have accomplished! This month, we celebrate and recognize . . .

  • June 2014 - Dr. Angela Connors Jan Evans, Dr Michele St. Amand-Johnson, Sonja Svensson, Tarah Vallee.Shauna Baker, Denice Klavano, Karen Mumford, Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Jennifer Sperry, Carolyn Discher and Christine Hopkins  
  • March 2014 - Dr. Michael Dunbar, Lynn Edwards, Rick Gibson, Jennifer Bullman, Dr. Evelyn Sutton, Barbara Currie,Kelly Phalen-Kelly, Brandon MacDonald, Shauna Thompson, Dr. Todd Howlett ,Joan Kearney
  • February 2014 - Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Peter MacDougall, Rachel Boehm, Nicole Brooks, Drs. Alex Soroceanu and Nathan Urquhart ,Basia Solarz
    the cast and crew of It's a Capital East Coast Christmas, Naomi Buckland-Nicks, Celia Hodder ,Leo Lefort, Sue Lowthers, Raphaelle Theriault, Lucas Thorne-Humphrey,  Lollie Verge.
  • November 2013 - Angela Keenan, Don Currie, Jill Robbins, Michelle Murray, Paula Bond, Jennifer Manuel, Neale Bennet, Sandra Janes, Shawn Jolemore, Lorie Campbell, Belinda Riles, Danielle Tremblay, Carolyn Kelly, Cher Smith, Katherine Erskine, Sherry Brennan,  Michelle Leon,  Monica McDonald, Lisa Lawrence, Pam Montinola, Katie Briggs and Deidre Taylor.
  • October 2013 - Sharon O’Driscoll, Graeme Kohler, Capital Health.
  • September 2013 - Patrick Kline, Capital Health’s Ambulatory Care Central Registration kiosks , Chris Power, Angela Keenan.
  • August 2013 - Dr. Stephanie M. Kaiser, Dr. Danielle Kain, Joel Maxwell, Dr. Shilpa Sethi, Martina Cejpova, Lynn Edwards, Shannon Ryan Carson, Rick Gibson, Darlene Lace.
  • July 2013 - Jane Pryor, Alison Leger, Anthony Wiseman, Linda Muir, Bev Dixon Lilly MacDonald, Dr. Leslie Barnes,  Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys, Public Health’s new syphilis campaign, Jon Bower, Roberta Duchesne
  • June 2013 - Drs. Laurie Mallery and Paige Moorhouse, Barbara Hall, Poster Fair winners, Nicole Holland, Stacey Squires, Dr. Alan Cruess, Kristy Bulger, Dr. Graeme Rocker
  • May 2013 -  Harold Taylor, Doris Hollihan, Tracy Fisk, Debbie Sampson and Chris Power
  • April 2013 - Linda Wells, Dr. Stephen Couban, Dr. Manohar Bance, Jennifer Fahie, Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Drs. Laurie Mallery and Paige Moorhouse, Susan Rahey and staff in the parking office.
  • March 2013 - Rick Gibson, Ashwin Kutty, Heather Neville, Bernadette Chevalier, Chris Daley, Lisa Nodwell, Claudia Harding, Anne Hiltz, Tammy MacDonald, Chris Skedgel, Neil MacKinnon and Kathy Slayter, Paul Easton, Dr Ray LeBlanc.
  • February 2013 - Dr. George Mawko, Norm Sanford, Dr. Michael Vallis,Jennifer Higgins, Dr. Kevin Forward, Vida Clarke, Marta Smith, Karolee Floria, 
  • January 2013 - Capital Health’s Injury Prevention team, Wanda Hubley, Chris Power, Michael Barton, Murray Doucette, Dr. Todd Hatchette, Dr. Evelyn Sutton, Donna MacInnis and Phil Wong.
  • December 2012 - Brian Cox, Mary Lynch, Carol Meade-Corkum, Lynn Edwards, Shannon Ryan Carson, Rick Gibson, prideHealth, patient kiosk team
  • November 2012 - prideHealth, the Mental Health Program
  • October 2012 - Laura Lee's Ladies, Geoff Wilson, Susan Dunn and Andrea Cochrane
  • September 2012 - Karen Horne, Jennifer Hiltz, Harold Taylor, Lynn Edwards, Rick Gibson, Shannon Ryan Carson and the staff at the Dartmouth General Hospital
  • August 2012 - Karen Woodworth, Marsha Wood, Buffy Harper, ER Nurses Sharon, Krista and Dr. Azim, and the Dietitic Internship Program
  • June - July 2012 - Kathy Hart, Tammy MacDonald,Tanya MacNeil, Lori Jessome-Croteau, Michele Skinner, Kathy Vallis, Dr. Barry Clarke, Beth Payne, Peter MacDougall, Kathy MacNeil, Shauna McMahon, Reece Bearnes, Mary Lou Robertson, Linda Hutchins, Robin Parker, Susan MacLeod, Laureen Morley and Vanessa Donnelly.