ROMEO Access

The Nova Scotia Health REB has an electronic submission process, accessed through the ROMEO Electronic Portal

User Guides for Researchers and Research Coordinators on how to use to the electronic portal:

If you are new to ROMEO, you must complete the above registration form ROMEO Investigator Profile form and follow instructions.  Once submitted, the Research Ethics Office will create your profile and send you a notification to reset your password.  
What email should I use? Please register with your preferred institutional email as all correspondence with the NS Health REB will be through that email. Also, NS Health and the IWK share ROMEO.  This means you only need one account for all IWK and NS Health ethics application.  
If you are the principal investigator of a non-interventional study and you do not have a NS Health affiliation, you must have a Supervising Investigator who is affiliated with NS Health and who will accept the overall clinical and supervisory responsibility during the conduct of the study.
If the study is an intervention (i.e. a clinical or controlled trial), the principal investigator must be affiliated with NS Health.  Please refer to our REB Jurisdiction Policy.

Note: If you require access to custodial databases, please refer to procedures for obtaining access to HDNS data. For access to data held by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, complete the application form.