Project Facilitation

The task of starting a research project is a complex one, involving the review and documentation of information to identify study-specific requirements and the follow up required to ensure that these requirements are met.

The Contract & Grant Facilitation Team is committed to serving the intricate needs of the research community. The Team provides support through all administrative levels of a research study. At the preliminary stages of a research project, the team ensures that all legal, financial and infrastructure requirements are met. During the project, the team provides on-going management support including contract and budget amendments.

Specifically, the Team is responsible for assisting with, preparing, reviewing, and approving all research agreements and budgets for Industry Sponsored and Investigator Initiated research studies being conducted at NSHA. Examples include:  Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements, Clinical Trial Contracts, Site Agreements, Funder Agreements, Collaborative Research Agreements, Data and Material Transfer Agreements. The Team assists research teams with funding applications and budgets, evaluating the applicable funding status and hospital service impact of a proposed research study. The Team also facilitates the opening of all research related accounts and acts as a liaison between the research community, various hospital service departments and research department heads within NSHA.

The Team provides resources to NSHA Researchers by way of templates, forms, presentations, guidelines, information and direction in order to ensure that researchers are well informed, supported and provided with the best possible chance of research success.

All research activity in the Contract and Grant Office is managed through an electronic database (ROMEO) that is linked to the REB Research Portal and shared with NSHA and IWK.  This allows for reporting accuracy, collaboration and transparency.

If you are interested in developing a research study, there are resources in place to help you. 

If you are conducting investigator-driven research, information can be found here:

If your research is industry-sponsored information can be found here:

If your project is an institutional award, information can be found here:

If you are ready to begin your project and require assistance with the study initiation process or account set up, information can be found here:

Contact(s): Hospital Service Agreements, Account Setup: Stacey Pyke, 902-473-6682,

Coordinator, Grant Facilitation: Jennifer Thurlow, 902-473-4841,

Coordinator, Contract Facilitation: Alicia Benton, 902-473-6853,

Project Manager, Institutional Awards: Jayne Sierens, 902-473-1425,