NSHA Research Fund (NSHA RF)

The Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Fund Exists to stimulate and support original research taking place at NSHA. It is open to all affiliated and appointment individuals interested in conducting research in all 4 NSHA Management Zones in Nova Scotia. The competition takes place twice annually with deadlines on September 15 and March 15. An information session is held prior to both deadlines.

There are 4 funding categories for projects taking place over 1-3 years:

1.        New investigators – up to $50,000 (with required dept. matching funds)

2.        Staff – up to $25,000

3.        Trainees – up to $5000

4.        Health Professionals – up to $10,000

The Research Fund is overseen by the NSHA Research Services Office and the funding guidelines and application are available on the NSHA inter/intranet. All interest and questions can be directed to NSHA Research Services.

More Information: 

Contact(s): Coordinator, Grant  Facilitation & Support: Jennifer Thurlow, 902-473-4841, jennifer.thurlow@nshealth.ca

Administrative Assistant: Michelle Roden, 902-473-7906, michelle.roden@nshealth.ca

*For large files using NSHA SEND, please submit to michelle.roden@nshealth.ca as the above email doesn't work.