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Note: The NSHA Research Ethics Board is in the process of migrating research ethics submissions to the new electronic portal. It is important to read the May 13, 2015, memo  to learn deadline dates and how this process will take place.

At the Nova Scotia Health Authority, all research projects involving patients, staff, resources or data are reviewed by our Research Ethics Board (REB) before the research begins.

This requirement also applies to research involving human participants, human biological materials as well as human embryos, fetuses, fetal tissue, reproductive materials and stem cells. This applies to materials derived from living and deceased individuals.

Please refer to policy Research Ethics Board Jurisdiction RS 02-001.

Note: If you require access to custodial databases, please refer to procedures for obtaining access to HDNS data. For access to data held by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, complete the application form.

For more information, contact:
Ken Jenkins, REB Manager
Tel:  902-473-8426

Nadine Gillam, Administrative Coordinator
Tel:  902-473-2126

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