Research Methods Unit (RMU)

Centre for Clinical Research Building
112-5790 University Avenue
Halifax, N.S.  B3H 1V7
Daniela Meier, Manager

Tel: 902-473-2949

Daniela Meier is RMU’s Manager. She holds degrees in Psychology (BA Hon.) and Public Health (MPH) from the University of British Columbia. Before coming to the RMU, Daniela worked in research with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences in British Columbia. Daniela also has extensive policy experience through her previous work with both the Nova Scotia and Yukon Governments. Daniela works with senior academic and health centre administrators in ongoing development of the RMU, oversees consulting operations, and leads the consulting team. 

Sandra Pauls, Finance and Administration Officer

Steve Doucette, Senior Biostatistician

Steve Doucette, MSc, is RMU’s Senior Biostatistician RMU) and an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics with specialization in Biostatistics from the University of Ottawa. Prior to joining the RMU, Steve worked as a methodologist and consultant for a large health research group in Ottawa (OHRI). His areas of interest include the design and analysis of clinical trial data, diagnostic testing, propensity matching for case control studies, and meta-analytic techniques for pooling multiple trial data. Steve has knowledge in many statistical software packages including the SAS language and SPSS for both data manipulation and analysis; NCSS/PASS for sample size calculations; Comprehensive Meta Analysis for performing systematic reviews. 

Olga Kits, Qualitative Methodologist

Olga Kits is RMU’s Qualitative Methodologist and an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University. Olga received an MA from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario and a BA(H) from Hood College, US. Before coming to NSHA, she worked in research and policy at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care (health information & sciences branch), and for the 10-year review of the Ontario Regulated Health Profession Act. She has been involved in qualitative health research for over 20 years and has participated in a large variety of single and multi-site research studies, using a variety of methods, at the local, national, and international levels in university, regulatory, and government settings. Olga teaches and tutors in the Research in Medicine (RIM) program at the Dalhousie Medical School.  In addition to her work at the RMU and Dalhousie, Olga is also a member of the Capital Health Research Fund Review Committee and a member of the Maritime SPOR Support Unit (MSSU) Training Advisory Committee.

Chris Theriault, Senior Research Database Specialist

Chris Theriault, PEng, is RMU’s Senior Research Database Specialist and an adjunct staff in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University. Chris completed his Engineering degree at Dalhousie University specializing in Industrial Engineering. He is available for consultation on data management needs including, but not limited to, database creation, data preparation and cleaning, and data analysis. Prior to joining the RMU, Chris’ experience in health research databases was built through more than five years of supporting a wide variety of research projects led by members of the Department of Medicine. In addition, Chris’ engineering background has exposed him to large-scale industrial applications of data management that are directly applicable to the larger projects supported by the RMU. Drawing upon this experience, Chris is able to fit the appropriate data management system for your project. Chris has the proven ability to write syntax or code for algorithms of varying complexity, producing summary scores and other calculated results. 


Kara Matheson, Biostatistician

Kara Matheson is RMU’s Biostatistician and a holds a faculty position (Lecturer) in the Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University. Kara graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc in Toxicology and an MSc in Applied Biostatistics. Prior to joining the RMU, she worked as a biostatistician in the Department of Medicine Research Office for 10 years. She is experienced in the following statistical packages for data analysis: SAS, R Studio, SPSS, Comprehensive Meta-Analysis, RevMan, and NCSS/PASS.

Prosper Koto, Health Economist

Prosper Koto is RMU’s Research Health Economist. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a PhD in Economics specializing in Applied Econometrics and Applied Microeconomics, and an MSc. from the University of Guelph. Prior to joining the RMU, he taught in the Department of Economics at the Dalhousie University for a year. He also has extensive teaching experience from the University of Manitoba. His experience in health economics research comes from conducting independent research on multivalued treatment effects analysis using observational data and as a part of a team working on a Manitoba Research Alliance project evaluating the effect of the availability of Video Lottery Terminals on the health and economic outcomes of individuals in various communities in Manitoba. He has additional research experience from single-authored peer-reviewed journal publications. He is available for consultation on economic evaluation of health care programs/treatments/interventions, including research design, cost effectiveness and cost utility analysis, either as part of a clinical trial, using observational data or using decision analytic models. He is also available for consultation on multivalued treatment effect analysis using econometric techniques, and econometric analysis of health data including longitudinal data.