Research Financial Services provides general research fund management through:

  • Review all transactions both in and out of Research accounts to ensure compliance with policy and contracts:
  • Eligible expenses per contracts
  • Authorizations
  • Fund balances and budgets
  • Revenue and billing
  • Processing financial transactions including: payment requisitions and invoicing, revenue billings and allocations, salary allocations
  • Financial reporting to PIs & their teams, funding agencies, government, universities, and other health institutions such as the IWK, and assisting in the interpretation of SAP financial information
  • Provision of financial training and support to research staff and teams through group sessions or individually
  • Processing of new account request documentation and set-up as well as account closures

Contact(s): Manager, Research Finance: Dave Denman, 902-473-8448,

Senior Financial Analyst, Research: Jane MacLeod, 902-473-5705,

Finance Clerk, Research: Steven Cromlish, 902-473-1693,

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