Contract Support

Industry sponsored research is one of several avenues for research at NSHA. If you are invited by a company (the study Sponsor) to participate in industry sponsored research as an investigator, a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) with the Sponsor, Nova Scotia Health Authority, and yourself is required. The Coordinator, Contract Facilitation, will review and approve the CDA before you and the institutional representative sign it to ensure that you are agreeing to terms to which NSHA can also agree.

Once the CDA is signed by all parties, the Sponsor will share the study protocol with you, and you can determine if you want to be involved in the Study. Once you agree to be involved, the Sponsor will send you a clinical trial contract (CTA) and a proposed budget for the Study. A review of your study contract and study budget must be completed by the Coordinator, who will work closely with you and the research team to ensure that the negotiated budget covers all costs for involvement in the clinical trial. Your budget will include current prices for any hospital services required for your study, and you or a member of your research team can contact each department ahead of time to discuss feasibility and cost estimates. Once all estimates are collected, the Coordinator will negotiate the budget directly with the Sponsor on your behalf and, once a budget is agreed upon, negotiate the terms of the CTA. Finally, the Coordinator will manage the execution of the contract with appropriate NSHA designees. Any further amendments to the contract or budget need to be reviewed by the Coordinator throughout the life of the study at NSHA.

Nova Scotia Health Research and Innovation Contracts team has a new email: and replaces, which will remain active for three months to facilitate migration. This change is designed to improve response time and document tracking. 
Please include your Romeo or REB number specific to the contract in the subject line, if available.


Insurance for Investigator-Initiated Clinical Research at Nova Scotia Health

Nova Scotia Health has worked with its broker and insurers and secured blanket research liability (RL) insurance for investigator-initiated clinical research being conducted at Nova Scotia Health. The new insurance policy applies to research that is conducted at, and administered by Nova Scotia Health.

Insurance Policy FAQs

Agreements and Other Considerations: