Contract Support

Many different forms of contracted research take place at Nova Scotia Health.  If you are invited by a company, external site, colleague, or collaborator to participate in a research study; or you have developed a protocol and are interested in inviting external sites, funders, partners or companies to participate or collaborate, different contractual considerations apply. For clarification, the term CONTRACT is defined as any document that requires review, negotiation, and sign off by Nova Scotia Health (amendments, clinical trial or study agreements, material transfer, data transfer, CDA/NDAs, collaborative research agreements, master agreements, statements of work, budgets, investigator agreements, etc.). This definition is used regardless of the funding source (Industry, grant, etc.).

The Contracts Team of Research, Innovation and Discovery offer support and guidance with the creation, review, negotiation, signing and tracking of all research and innovation related contracts at NS Health. The Contracts Team is also responsible for providing education and guidance to the Nova Scotia Health Research Community on contract related research budgets, research contract and administration policies, contractual risk assessment, research insurance requirements and coverage, contract templates and resources, and contract review and signature processes.

The Research, Innovation and Discovery Contracts Team has a new email: which replaces, and will remain active for three months to facilitate migration. This change is designed to improve response time and document tracking. All requests and communication specific to NS Health research contracts and budgets should be sent to this address.

Please include your Romeo or REB number specific to the contract in the subject line, if available (see Memo below for more details).


Insurance for Investigator-Initiated Clinical Research at Nova Scotia Health

Nova Scotia Health has worked with its broker and insurers and secured blanket research liability (RL) insurance for investigator-initiated clinical research being conducted at Nova Scotia Health. The new insurance policy applies to research that is conducted at, on behalf of, overseenand administered by Nova Scotia Health. Please refer to the FAQ document below for more information. Questions specific to this insurance should be directed to

Insurance Policy FAQs

Data and Materials Transfer Agreements (DTA/MTA)

Some research protocols require transferring materials or data from NSHA to another party (the “Recipient”). This research may be:

• Initiated by investigators conducting research at Nova Scotia Health (NSHA) who are collaborating with an investigator at another institution or an outside third party (i.e., lab, database management company etc.);

• Required as part of a NSHA investigator’s participation in research studies which are led by investigators outside NSHA or

• Requested by an outside party.

Recipients may include any individual, institution (academic, non-profit), or industry, not physically located at NSHA or part of the Nova Scotia Health (Please note - this also pertains to any transfer to Dalhousie.). Recipients may be located in Canada or elsewhere.

In order to ensure that the appropriate terms and conditions regarding this transfer are in place and agreed to by all parties involved, a Data or Material Transfer Agreement may be required.

If your study requires a DTA or MTA, please complete the form below and provide to

Agreements and Other Considerations: