Diabetes Mellitus

Given that approximately 8.7 per cent of Nova Scotian adults are living with a diagnosis of diabetes and that people with diabetes are two times more likely to be hospitalized and are more likely to have slightly longer lengths of stay, than people without diabetes, the diabetic patient is not infrequently seen at Capital Health.

Canadian Diabetes Association 2008 Clinical practice Guidelines:

Healthcare institutions should implement a program to improve glycemic control in the inpatient setting. .

This should include . . .

  • The implementation of policies to assess and monitor the quality of glycemic management
  • Production of standardized order sets, protocols and algorithms for diabetes care within the institution

This approach has been demonstrated to improve quality, reduce length of stay and lower costs.

Insulin is identified as one of the top five “high-risk medications” in the hospital setting. A systems approach may work to reduce errors. This includes preprinted, approved, unambiguous standard orders for insulin administration, or computerized order entry.